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We invested US$4.50 to buy a CD containing photos of Thailand with excellent results.  It contained 100 high quality, professional images of Thai Arts & Crafts with both TIFF & JPG versions of the photos.  

We have selected the best photos of this collection.  The weakness of the collection is that it comes without description; where we recognize it we have indicated, otherwise it's "just" a photo of Thailand.

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All images used with permission Genesis Stock Photo (Thailand).

Thailand is deeply religious with more than 97% of the population being Buddhist; not surprisingly there are some excellent statues of Buddha here

The famous Reclining Buddha

Different angle

No idea, but it's tall




Inside a cave

Reclining Buddha in a cave

Photos of Thai Art



A battle with the Burmese - traditional rivals to the Thais

Art but not on canvas

Photos of Thai crafts reflect an old, established culture

Thailand & Malaysia are neighbors & have similar puppets 

Flower garland, featuring Jasmine

Another style

Display of cane weaving 

Traditional chicken coop

Close-up of top 

Umbrellas are made in the North

... in all styles

Some Thai Architecture


The White Elephant is a revered national symbol


in downtown Bangkok

Grand Palace and surrounding items / events

Grand Palace with Temple of Dawn

Yaks (giants) guard the palace

the yak is a good guy


inside the Grand Palace


The Temple of Dawn is opposite the Grand Palace

the Royal Barge

another view

& out of the water


Museum model of traditional Thai home